Trichocereus (Echinopsis) pachanoi “Yowie” Clone – 25cm Tip


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Trichocereus pachanoi “Yowie”

Size: 25cm Tip

Please allow for around 5 days for the cut to dry and heal over before sending.

If you have any questions about substrate or anything, please use the contact form and I will be happy to help with any questions.


Yowie is a popular Trichocereus with a distinctive spination of two parallel Spines per Areole. It also has prominent ribs and resembles an Ecuadorian Trichocereus pachanoi in appearance. Let me now offer some details regarding the origins of this clone.

Yarrawonga, Victoria is where this clone came from. Marsha (formerly known as "Yowie"), a SAB member, led PD to the Fields collection, where the mother plant of this clone flourished. The clone is easily identified by its pair of spines, which distinguishes it from other clones of this species.

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Steps For Rooting

Once the cut is received, place it around 1/2 inch to 1 inch in a pot of substrate. I use wooden kebab skewers to hold up the piece. Water lightly and you should start getting new root growth within a few weeks to a few months depending on conditions.

An alternative way would be to stick them in perlite and wait for them to root, once roots form you can re-pot.

All plants sold are strictly for garden / ornamental purposes.We are here to cultivate these beautiful plants and spread them as far as we can, nothing outside of growing (all things related to growing) will be tollerated.

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