Omega Spectra G Line LED Grow Light G220

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If you are wanting to grow your cacti indoors (most applicable during the colder winter months) then you will need supplemental lighting. LED has taken over mainly due to it’s cost efficiency and you are able to control the environment variables better. Running at only 220w, you can get a pretty decent grow area going and won’t break the bank.

G220 LED Specifications

Power: 220W
Input Voltage: 120-277V
Weight: 3.2kg
Lifetime Hours: 50,000
Chip: Samsung LM301B Chips Mean Well LED Driver
Size: L645mm x W265mm x H63mm
PPF: 600 umol/s
Efficiency: 2.8 umol/j

Lightweight and full-spectrum 220W LED grow light

Omega Spectra G-Line is a range of full-spectrum and lightweight LED fixtures, used as both an independent or a supplementary lighting source. They are designed for harsh environments and years of maintenance-free performance. Ideal for applications requiring efficient, precise and uniform levels of PPFD.

Cool Running

While HPS lights are known for generating heat, The G Line LEDs are ‘cool running,’ making them very efficient in terms of heat management.

Energy Efficient

The Spectra G220 LED grow light consumes less energy while providing the same amount of light as HPS, making them more efficient.

Long Lifespan

The Spectra G220 is built to last with high-quality components. There will be no need to replace the G220 after multiple uses. The Spectra G220 has a long lifespan, around 50,000 hours or more.

Full Spectrum

The Omega G Line range have an optimised spectrum for the full growth cycle, so there’s no need to put up multiple lights for the vegetative and flowering stages.

How to use Spectra G220 LED

The Spectra G220 LED is a slimline fixture, making it lightweight and easy to hang. Simply hang up using the featured Yo Yo hanging cables, and plug in. As the G220 LED only draws 200 watts of power, it’s fine to use with most standard timers.

  • High performance
  • 3-year warranty
  • Cool running
  • Completely silent
  • Waterproof unit

G220 Footprints

General Area: 61 x 121.9 cm

Hanging Heights

The position you hang your LED affects the intensity, coverage area and overall growth. It’s important that users get it right. For maximum yields, hang your G Line at the recommended hanging heights.

Germination: Hang at 61 – 76.2 cm
Seeding: Hang at 61 – 76.2cm
Adult: Hang at 30.5 – 45.7 cm

Weight 1.01 kg


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