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The Grow Gadget Budget pH Pen is an entry level pH meter that will allow you to see how acidic / alkaline your water, feed or run off is. pH levels are an important metric to pay attention to when griowing and caring for cacti. Trichocereus and Lophophora (most cacti for that fact) enjoy a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5, slightly acidic.

Rain water tends to be pH neutral and is always a good ideas to reduce the pH slightly to get it within optimal range for nutrient uptake and general plant health. When using seaweed feed as an example, they tend to be alkaline due to the extraction method and is always recommended to pH down to the right levels (The EcoThrive Flourish I sell does NOT have this alkaline problem as it uses a pH neutral extraction method, it is still recommended to pH down to make it slightly acidic).

The meter is compact and easy to use, with a digital display that shows the pH level in real-time. It is powered by a standard button battery, making it easy to replace when needed. The meter comes with a calibration screwdriver, which allows you to calibrate it to ensure accurate readings.

To use the Grow Gadget Budget pH Meter, simply dip the probe into the water or nutrient solution you wish to test and wait for the reading to stabilize. The meter provides accurate readings within seconds, allowing you to quickly adjust the pH level of your growing system as needed.

While the Grow Gadget Budget pH Meter is a basic model, it is still a reliable and effective tool for monitoring pH levels in a small-scale growing operation. Its affordable price point and ease of use make it a great option for beginners or those with a limited budget. However, for more advanced growers or those with larger growing systems, a more sophisticated pH meter may be necessary to achieve accurate and consistent readings.

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