Trichocereus pachanoi “ogunbodede”


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Trichocereus pachanoi “Ogan” is a rare and beautiful, short spined pure pachanoi that originally hailed out of the Matucana region in Peru. It is a rare and sought after clone.

This listing is for the offshoot, around 31cm. You can see by the images all the new growth from this season.

Note: This will be cut on purchase, it will be ready to send after a week as the wounds need to dry to make it safe for shipment.


Trichocereus pachanoi Ogan “ogunbodede”

These are cuttings of a bona fide Trichocereus pachanoi from Peru that were harvested at Matucana and then shipped to the USA. These provided the botanical material that was analyzed by Olabode Ogunbodede; with results published in the 15 September 2010 issue of the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (Volume 131, Issue 2, Pages 356–362).

  These tips spent some months inside of a box traveling through the postal system. Obtaining these cuttings proved to be a surreal adventure as it took well over a year with many convolutions including the final delivery lacking identification labels and documentation. It was nothing short of a minor miracle that successful delivery was actually realized.



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