Trichocereus pachanoi “Ichoca” OP 20cm Cutting


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Ichoca is very rare and sought after genetics. This beautiful pachanoi/ santaensis (depends who you talk to ?‍♂️) was originally cultivated by Chavin Herbalist and this is one of his OP seedlings. True to form, you can see the notches forming.

Ichoca are not easy to come by so it is a great chance to own one of these gorgeous plants. I think I have reasonably priced it for what you are getting. I paid £130 for an Ichoca graft last season, this is a fully rooted Ichoca OP seedling.

  • Trichocereus Ichoca OP – Super Rare
  • 20cm Tip
  • Cut to Order: Please allow for 3 to 5 days for the cut to heal over.
  • Each plant will have a plant passport attached, a new UK requirement.

Note: The light brown powder is DE (Diatomaceous Earth, its used as pest prevention during the colder months)


Trichocereus pachanoi "Ichoca" originated out of the Ancash Mountain region and was brought to the game by Chavin Herbalists a few years back. Almost spinless and very notchy, this is some plant that personifies how gorgeous pachanois can be.

Growing Requirements:

Trichocereus are relatively easily grown in the UK, especially due to the fact that they do not require massive amounts of sunlight. As most cacti grown in the UK, they are best grown in a greenhouse or conservatory (grow tents are also used for younger plants), South facing is a distinct advantage.


Watering from Spring (April) to the beginning of Autumn (End of September). Depending on what kind of summer we get will depend on how frequently you need to water, but, less is better with cacti. During the winter months, little to no watering is required or the roots could rot (they do not like to be wet for long periods).


In warmer climates, you could go for a more nutrient-rich mixture (50% organic / 50% inorganic). But, in the UK, it is best to err more on the side of inorganic (60% – 70% inorganic) to ensure the pot is drained quickly.

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