Trichocereus Juuls Giant x Huancabamba Cuts (pachanoi x peruviana)

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Trichocereus Juuls Giant x Huancabamba Cuts

Please see the variation for the sizes.

The two genus have been cross pollinated to create a unique looking hybrid.

Note: These will be cut on purchase, please allow for 5 days for the cut to be ready to send.

This is a very cool cross of Trichocereus pachanoi (Juuls Giant) and Trichocereus peruviana (Huancabamba), looks almost Ogan to me.

This cross is a fast grower so you can get some impressive size quickly over the growing season.


Trichocereus Juuls Giant (pachanoi)

Tom Juul’s Giant aka TJG is a famous Trichocereus clone that goes back to the former butcher Tom Juul´s, who imported this plant into the United states and spent a lot of time to spread it around. The California based nursery Sacred Succulents played a major part in the wide distribution of this clone. It is a classic Trichocereus pachanoi clone, but VERY different to what´s making the rounds under the name PC. The latter is a unique clone with a very untypical appearance for the species Trichocereus pachanoi.

Trichocereus Huancabamba (peruvianus)

Trichocereus peruviana hailing from Huancabamba and is a town in Northern Peru, capital of the province Huancabamba in the region Piura. It is situated in the valley of the Huancabamba river, along which the old Inca road passed leading from Quito to Cajamarca.




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Steps For Rooting

Once the cut is received, place it around 1/2 inch to 1 inch in a pot of substrate. I use wooden kebab skewers to hold up the piece. Water lightly and you should start getting new root growth within a few weeks to a few months depending on conditions.

An alternative way would be to stick them in perlite and wait for them to root, once roots form you can re-pot.

All plants sold are strictly for garden / ornamental purposes. We are here to cultivate these beautiful plants and spread them as far as we can, nothing outside of growing (all things related to growing) will be tollerated.

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