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Trichocereus terscheckii ‘SASS’ (South Australian Short Spine)

This beautiful terscheckii is quite a looker. Unlike most terscheckii that have the long spine formation, this clone is a very short spined Tr terscheckii.

  • 26cm height.
  • Rare genetics.
  • Sent bare root to protect the cactus.
  • Please ensure you have a suitable pot and substrate.
  • Recommended pot size: 11l+.

This is a very impressive and chunky Trichocereus/Echinopsis terscheckii and he has a fully established root system.

Commonly know as Argentine Saguaro or Cardon Grande, Terscheckii cacti are one of the hardiest cacti around. This is one of the few you can grow outdoors and will handle our weather year round (you might need to wrap up through coldest part of winter). That being said, temps in the negatives for short periods shouldn’t be an issue.

Trichocereus terscheckii are native to Catamarca In North West Argentina as well as the western slopes of the Andes, Peru & Ecuador.

Adult SASS

Sass Adult


Terscheckii can handle way more water than most cacti, but, it is still a cactus. Watering from Spring (April) to beginning of Autumn (End September). Depending on what kind of summer we get will depend on how frequent you need to water, but, less is better with cacti. During the winter months, little to no watering is required or the roots could rot (they do not like to be wet for long periods).


In warmer climates, you could go for a more nutrient rich mixture (50% organic / 50% inorganic). But, in the UK, it is best to err more on the side of inorganic (60% – 70% inorganic) to ensure the pot is drained quickly. You can also plant Terscheckii outdoors in the UK, this is one of the only cacti you can.

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