Lumberjack (Trichocereus bridgesii) x Sharxx (Trichocereus peruviana)


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  • Trichocereus bridgesii crossed with Trichocereus peruviana
  • Rare genetics
  • These plants are sent bare root to protect the body of the cacti and avoid any damage in transit.
  • Each plant will have a plant passport attached, new UK requirement

I am at odds on whether I want to sell this exquisite plant. Crossing these two rare genetics has resulted in one of the sexiest spine formations I have come across so far.

There is only one in stock so first come first serve.

Lumberjack History

Trichocereus bridgesii LUMBERJACK or LUMBERJACKUS is a rare and sought after Trichocereus that was found in a Lumberjack store in Sacramento by Joe Lev. Its actually an Echinopsis lageniformis with very distinct traits. It has a very typical double-pair spination and a fat body. This clone is known to flower abundantly and it is currently used by US breeder Misplant and Nitrogen.

It is believed to be a hybrid between Echinopsis lageniformis and another species, but it could also be a strange botanical form of Echinopsis lageniformis. For example, the populations from Isla del Sol look very similar.

Sharxx History

Sharxx Blue is a short spined Trichocereus peruvianus clone that was named after SAB Member Sharxx. It originated from the well known DAWSONS cactus collection and was distributed and named by PD (another SAB member).

It probably is some kind of Trichocereus peruvianus from Matucana, very much like ICARO DNA, the Los Gentiles, Rosei or the many other Matucana Perus.

The plant is extremely blue and glaucous. Overall, Sharxx is one of my all-time favorite Trichocereus clones and it’s a very popular among Trichocereus breeders.

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