Crassula ovata / Jade Plant / Money Plant – 55cm

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Crassula ovata aka Jade Plant aka Money Plant up for grabs.

This particular plant is 55cm high from the base of the plantand approx 40cm across the top of the canopy. We do not have a specific age, but, this plant is over 20 years old.

Please Note: The plant is sent bare root to protect the roots. Please ensure you have adequate substrate.

Shipping Jade’s via courier is tricky and will result in some leave falling off. We will do our best to minimise it but please be aware that you might have some leaves at the bottom of the parcel. They can then be propogated and grown out, win win :-).


Explore the World of Crassula ovata, The Money Plant

Crassula ovata, popularly known as the Money Plant, is a green mystique that will take you into a different world. This beautiful succulent has always fascinated gardeners for years due to its appearance, ease of care and reputation for attracting wealth and prosperity.

From South Africa, Crassula ovata has a long history since the 16th century. It was first described by Carl Linnaeus, an eminent botanist and has been cherished by gardeners and collectors alike for its unique beauty and said financial blessings. Legends have it that if you put a Money Plant in your home or office you might be lucky to get fortune.

The Money Plant measures 55 cm high and 40cm wide making it an aesthetic masterpiece. At the top of the stem are thick fleshy leaves which are bright green forming a tight rosette. When matured, it produces small white star shaped flowers to add some form of ethereal touch to its already enchanting being.

Simplicity is one of the major attractions of Crassula ovata. It can be grown under various conditions making it suitable for both experienced and new gardeners. For instance, withstanding drought makes it possible for growth within arid environments on one hand while on the other hand it can fit well in most challenging spaces due to its ability to adapt various light conditions.

The Jade Plant’s unique charm extends beyond visual attraction. It is believed that this plant carries positive energy that promotes abundance, positivity along with good luck. According to feng shui concepts placing a Money Plant improves chi or life energy flow thus attracts wealth and fortune.

Besides the alleged financial benefits, multiple other reasons make people cherish Money Plants because they are good air cleanser plants. Through Phytoremediation, this amazing plant absorbs and breaks down toxicants such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene among others, making the environment cleaner and healthier for you and your family.

Crassula ovata needs well-draining soil, good sunlight and occasional waterings. It is essential to avoid overwatering which leads to root rot and other complications that succulents are prone to. This amazing plant will fill your life with beauty for many years without too much care provided it receives some attention from you; who knows you may become lucky.

The Money Plant, Crassula ovata is an irresistible combination of beauty, hardiness, and mystique. Be it striking appearance or low maintenance or even financial prosperity that attracts you towards it, this captivating succulent is sure to win your heart. Make a difference in your life by incorporating a Money Plant into your collection today.

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